Knetik Adventures

Welcome to Cragmaw Castle

Goblins as far as you can see

19th of Mirtul 1491 DR

After a rousing shopping spree the party meets with a new ally, Jackiechan. Together they set out to Thundertree to search for Jace Wildspeaker and the druid Reidoth.

20th of Mirtul 1491 DR

The party begins searching Thundertree and finds a pack of zombies. After, Reidoth shows up and leads them to Cragmaw Castle, a decreid old castle that is now home to goblins and may hold the party’s patron Gundren Rockseeker.

The front doors are long since rotted off but a hail of arrows meets the party from behind arrow slits. The following melee sees the party fighting off many waves of goblins, some hobgoblins and even two strange monsters in a dark room that Weaver attempts to flank through. After a long and grueling battle the party manages to put down the last of the enemies, minus a lone goblin that escaped into the eastern of part the castle.

Tired and low on resources the party pauses to consider their next move.



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