Knetik Adventures

The Beast of Thundertree

We can take a dragon, right?

17th of Mirtul 1491 DR

With the sun setting, the group continues down the main road in Thundertree and encounters a paid of giant spiders that are quickly dispatched. They then set up camp in an abandoned building for the night.

18th of Mirtul 1491 DR

As the sun comes up, the party decides to check out the tower at the top of the hill. Once there they find a pair of bloated giant spider corpses before heading inside and finding the towers current squatter, a Green Dragon. Some silver tongue platitudes and they find themselves being goaded into a fight with a group of cultists they turned up to gain the dragon’s favor.

After a relatively quick battle, the dragon heads inside to add the offering from the cultists to it’s hoard, only to discover Jace Wildspeaker helping himself to his treasure. Jace fled from the tower and the rest of the heroes convinced the dragon they would help it search the town.

Samrin El’Sars found her way to the herbalist shop to collect the family heirloom which Weaver looted the last of the hoard and sprinted down to the old tavern to meet up with Urist Axeager, Morpheus and Palandor.

Once the party had regrouped, minus Jace, they heard the dragon starting to tear the buildings apart and decided to bug out. However, before leaving Weaver tried one last time to contact Jace with a load shout illusion that instead attracted the dragon. Deciding to just “go for it” the party launched into a pitched battle with the dragon managing to drive it away amidst a hail of arrows.

Exhausted, the group left immediately for Neverwinter, arriving in the evening and finding their way to a tavern for food, rest and prostitutes.



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