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  • Phandalin

    h2. A rough and tumble frontier town Phandalin is a town to the south-east of the city of Neverwinter, built on the ruins of a much older settlement. the town consists of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old fieldstone foundations. …

  • Barthen's Provisions

    The largest trading post in [[Phandalin | Phandalin]]. Owned by: [[:elmar-barthen | Elmar Barthen]] Staffed by a couple other young clerks. Party delivered a wagon of supplies here. [[:samrin-el-sars | Samrin El'Sars]] collected 10g claiming 7 …

  • Nachtstadt Fortress

    A dwarven city in The Spine of the World mountain range. Home to [[:urist-axeager | Urist Axeager]] and his friend [[:wilavey-spiritforged | Wilavey Spiritforged]]

  • Wave Echo Cave

    A rich mine near the town of [[Phandalin | Phandalin]] that was the site of the Phandelver's Pact where Dwarves and Gnomes agreed to share the wealth of the mine. Human spellcasters also allied themselves to channel the create magical powers within the …

  • Neverwinter

    A large city on the western Sword Coast of Faerun. Neverwinter is in a state of regrowth as the city once called the Jewel of the North rebuilds after being struck by disaster and invasion. An entire section of the city is in ruin around the now closed …

  • Lionshield Coster - Phandalin

    A shop in [[Phandalin | Phandalin]]. [[:samrin-el-sars | Samrin El'Sars]] sold information on the location of their stolen supplies in the goblin cave for 70g (haggled up from 50g). Half up-front until the supplies are retrieved.

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