Knetik Adventures

Union against the Red Cloaks

Collecting Friends/Prisoners

15th of Mirtul 1491 DR

The rest of the party picked up their earnings from the escort mission and did a little shopping for supplies. Eventually Thadeus and his Redbrand Ruffians buddies returned, only to be cut down in the street by the group, minus Jace Wildspeaker who was busy with dinner.

Weaver gave a speech, inspiring some fame and verbal support for the party, but efforts to recruit additional muscle came up empty. The one surviving Redbrand was taken captive and Sildar Hallwinter took him to the jail in town hall for questioning. Harbin Wester, the current townmaster of Phandalin, was upset that the party was stirring up trouble with the Redbrands and seems quite fearful.

After finding no further sign of the Redbrands in town, even when they stopped by their local hangout and Urist Axeager tried to talk up the surly female dwarf running the place, and discussing strategy, the party followed a local hafling boy named Carp to a hidden tunnel into the lower area of the nearby manor. There they encountered a group of Bugbears and a sniveling goblin named Yeesik. The last remaining Bugbear, named Mosk, surrendered and agreed to help the party ambush the remaining Redbrands.

They took out a number of them in a few waves and captured two at Morpheus‘s urging to not kill those that surrendered, while Weaver ran into a strange one-eyed creature that seemed to know a lot, but wasn’t interested in fighting. He was slightly interrupted by a short human in a wizard robe holding a glass staff wandering by and out through a secret door.



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