Knetik Adventures

Transporting goods for Gundred

Into Goblin Cave

14th of Mirtul 1491 DR
We were tasked with delivering a wagon of goods to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin for 10g each by Gundren Rockseeker. Along the way we were ambushed by goblins with extra pointy teeth. We stashed the goods in the woods and followed a hidden trail to the goblins’ cave, killed some guards and some pet wolves, caught sight of a burly hairy brute at the top of a garbage chute and nearly got washed away by two tidal waves that crashed down the tunnel. Finally, we encountered some more goblins in a cave and their leader held Sildar Hallwinter, the human fighter that was with Gundren Rockseeker, hostage calling for a truce.



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