Knetik Adventures

Red Stained Cloaks

We just need a bit more XP!

15th of Mirtul 1491 DR

The party continued its exploration of Tresadar Manor in Phandalin taking out a small batch of skeletons in a crypt and guards in a prison. Some loot was found and split in various sub-slices of the party but Glasstaff, now revealed to be Iarno Albrek of the Lords Alliance, escaped without a trace.

The prisoners, family of a local wood carver that was killed for standing up to the Red Brands, were freed and expressed gratitude with the location of a valuable family heirloom to be found in Thundertree.

16th of Mirtul 1491 DR

After a late nights sleep the party made various deals with local merchants for the findings in the Red Brand hideout and were rewarded by Sildar Hallwinter who also extended invitation to Morpheus and Urist Axeager to join The Lords Alliance and help bring peace and order to the north.

The party also learned of a druid named Reidoth that “knows every inch of the area”. He recently left for Thundertree so the party headed that way while itching to pick a fight because they felt that one more good tussle would teach them something imoprtant. They did eventually run in to some Orcs at the edge of Neverwinter Forest and dispatched them.



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