Knetik Adventures

Welcome to Cragmaw Castle
Goblins as far as you can see

19th of Mirtul 1491 DR

After a rousing shopping spree the party meets with a new ally, Jackiechan. Together they set out to Thundertree to search for Jace Wildspeaker and the druid Reidoth.

20th of Mirtul 1491 DR

The party begins searching Thundertree and finds a pack of zombies. After, Reidoth shows up and leads them to Cragmaw Castle, a decreid old castle that is now home to goblins and may hold the party’s patron Gundren Rockseeker.

The front doors are long since rotted off but a hail of arrows meets the party from behind arrow slits. The following melee sees the party fighting off many waves of goblins, some hobgoblins and even two strange monsters in a dark room that Weaver attempts to flank through. After a long and grueling battle the party manages to put down the last of the enemies, minus a lone goblin that escaped into the eastern of part the castle.

Tired and low on resources the party pauses to consider their next move.

The Beast of Thundertree
We can take a dragon, right?

17th of Mirtul 1491 DR

With the sun setting, the group continues down the main road in Thundertree and encounters a paid of giant spiders that are quickly dispatched. They then set up camp in an abandoned building for the night.

18th of Mirtul 1491 DR

As the sun comes up, the party decides to check out the tower at the top of the hill. Once there they find a pair of bloated giant spider corpses before heading inside and finding the towers current squatter, a Green Dragon. Some silver tongue platitudes and they find themselves being goaded into a fight with a group of cultists they turned up to gain the dragon’s favor.

After a relatively quick battle, the dragon heads inside to add the offering from the cultists to it’s hoard, only to discover Jace Wildspeaker helping himself to his treasure. Jace fled from the tower and the rest of the heroes convinced the dragon they would help it search the town.

Samrin El’Sars found her way to the herbalist shop to collect the family heirloom which Weaver looted the last of the hoard and sprinted down to the old tavern to meet up with Urist Axeager, Morpheus and Palandor.

Once the party had regrouped, minus Jace, they heard the dragon starting to tear the buildings apart and decided to bug out. However, before leaving Weaver tried one last time to contact Jace with a load shout illusion that instead attracted the dragon. Deciding to just “go for it” the party launched into a pitched battle with the dragon managing to drive it away amidst a hail of arrows.

Exhausted, the group left immediately for Neverwinter, arriving in the evening and finding their way to a tavern for food, rest and prostitutes.

We Don't Go There Anymore

17th of Mirtul 1491 DR

After their encounter with Orcs, the party camped out for the night and headed north. In the evening the arrived at the entrance to Thundertree, A ruined and abandoned town just inside Neverwinter Woods. There they met Palandor, a human paladin from the Order of the Gauntlet sent to investigate the monsters and undead that stalk the overgrown husk of a town.

Twisted plants and ash-coated ghouls rose to meet the intruders as they entered and started their search for Reidoth, the druid that may know the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle and Gundren Rockseeker.

Red Stained Cloaks
We just need a bit more XP!

15th of Mirtul 1491 DR

The party continued its exploration of Tresadar Manor in Phandalin taking out a small batch of skeletons in a crypt and guards in a prison. Some loot was found and split in various sub-slices of the party but Glasstaff, now revealed to be Iarno Albrek of the Lords Alliance, escaped without a trace.

The prisoners, family of a local wood carver that was killed for standing up to the Red Brands, were freed and expressed gratitude with the location of a valuable family heirloom to be found in Thundertree.

16th of Mirtul 1491 DR

After a late nights sleep the party made various deals with local merchants for the findings in the Red Brand hideout and were rewarded by Sildar Hallwinter who also extended invitation to Morpheus and Urist Axeager to join The Lords Alliance and help bring peace and order to the north.

The party also learned of a druid named Reidoth that “knows every inch of the area”. He recently left for Thundertree so the party headed that way while itching to pick a fight because they felt that one more good tussle would teach them something imoprtant. They did eventually run in to some Orcs at the edge of Neverwinter Forest and dispatched them.

Union against the Red Cloaks
Collecting Friends/Prisoners

15th of Mirtul 1491 DR

The rest of the party picked up their earnings from the escort mission and did a little shopping for supplies. Eventually Thadeus and his Redbrand Ruffians buddies returned, only to be cut down in the street by the group, minus Jace Wildspeaker who was busy with dinner.

Weaver gave a speech, inspiring some fame and verbal support for the party, but efforts to recruit additional muscle came up empty. The one surviving Redbrand was taken captive and Sildar Hallwinter took him to the jail in town hall for questioning. Harbin Wester, the current townmaster of Phandalin, was upset that the party was stirring up trouble with the Redbrands and seems quite fearful.

After finding no further sign of the Redbrands in town, even when they stopped by their local hangout and Urist Axeager tried to talk up the surly female dwarf running the place, and discussing strategy, the party followed a local hafling boy named Carp to a hidden tunnel into the lower area of the nearby manor. There they encountered a group of Bugbears and a sniveling goblin named Yeesik. The last remaining Bugbear, named Mosk, surrendered and agreed to help the party ambush the remaining Redbrands.

They took out a number of them in a few waves and captured two at Morpheus‘s urging to not kill those that surrendered, while Weaver ran into a strange one-eyed creature that seemed to know a lot, but wasn’t interested in fighting. He was slightly interrupted by a short human in a wizard robe holding a glass staff wandering by and out through a secret door.

The Fall of Klarg
Escape from Goblin Cave

14th of Mirtul 1491 DR

We managed to rescue Sildar Hallwinter from the goblin second-in-comand Yeesik with a clever ruse from Samrin El’Sars and finished him off as he tried to make his escape. We also discovered Weaver, a drow sorcerer that has joined our group. We learned that Gundren Rockseeker has been taken to Cragmaw Castle on the orders of the Black Spider. Gundren and his brothers had discovered Wave Echo Cave, a long forgotten mine that is home to Forge of Souls. His map was taken along with him.

After a short rest we made our way into the belly of the beast and confronted Klarg, the BugBear leader that Yeesik had been trying to get rid of. He got the jump on Urist Axeager and a large, difficult battle ensued with the party just barely making it through alive. We discovered a large amount of supplies that the goblins had heisted from their ambushes on Triboar Trail and hunkered down for some much needed sleep.

15th of Mirtul 1491 DR

After a nights sleep in the cave we made our way back to the wagon, loaded it back up and had an un-eventful final leg of the journey to Phandalin. First stop was Stone Hill Inn – Phandalin where Sildar got a room and Weaver got drunk. Samrin El’Sars headed to Barthen’s Provisions to collect on slightly more than the agreed on amount for transporting the goods, but was only given one share.

Morpheus Inquired about the Ruyat Mudiiya to no avail, but did take on a mission from the keeper of the local shrine to deliver a gift to a nearby banshee in exchange for information, with a promise of 3 healing potions if successful. He also collected his share of the delivery money.

Meanwhile, Samrin put the squeeze on the owner of the Lionshield Coster – Phandalin, providing the location of her stolen shipments in exchange for 70g, half up front. The group met back up at the wagon as it was being unloaded, but were acosted by 4 Redbrand Ruffians, a local gang that had been causing the townspeople plenty of trouble., trying to get them to leave their stuff and shove off. Weaver blindsided the leader Thadeus, with a Charm Person spell, extracting some info about their leader (Glasstaff) and their hideouts (The Sleeping Giant tap room and the old manor on the east of town) and sending the ruffians on their way.

Transporting goods for Gundred
Into Goblin Cave

14th of Mirtul 1491 DR
We were tasked with delivering a wagon of goods to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin for 10g each by Gundren Rockseeker. Along the way we were ambushed by goblins with extra pointy teeth. We stashed the goods in the woods and followed a hidden trail to the goblins’ cave, killed some guards and some pet wolves, caught sight of a burly hairy brute at the top of a garbage chute and nearly got washed away by two tidal waves that crashed down the tunnel. Finally, we encountered some more goblins in a cave and their leader held Sildar Hallwinter, the human fighter that was with Gundren Rockseeker, hostage calling for a truce.


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